Recent history #1 : the revolution of 1906

To understand the preset day it is important to at least uderstand the past century of political turmoil in Iran before you can start thinking of a long term solution.

Enghelāb-e Mashrūteh / The constitutional revolution:

Before I get to the main topic it is important to understand the context. Iran was an average muslim coutry under the rule of the Qajar dynasty. The use of persian name was almost non existent, replaced by islamic names, the populatio was mostly ileterated and rural. Naser Edin shah was the first monarch to open the way for a modernisation of Iran, but in the mean time the 19th century was filled with military defeats and loss of territories for Iran. This helped create a profoundly frustrated population…

By the reign of Mozaffar Ad-Din Shah (1896 – 1907) Iran was at a state of chaos. The king lived a life of extravaganza, needing to borrow money from Russia and Britain to sustain his lifestyle. The educated, noble and religious class started growing worried.
In 1905 protests broke out over the collection of Persia tariffs to pay back the Russian loan for Mozaffar ad-Din Shah’s royal tour.



The Iranian Renaissance

Welcome on my blog and please excuse its somewhat agressive name. ParsNationalist may seem indeed like agressive communication. Rest assured that you will not find brainless and agressive nationalism on this blog nor will it pretend everythig before the 1978 revolution was perfect. Rather than that I’d like to invite the new generation of iranian to keep an open mind and self critique about our history while focusing on the marvels our culture has to offer. Lire la suite